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Mechanical Drives Training System – Level 3 (SI units) (add-on to Level 2)



This package covers two important aspects of mechanical drives. A variety of couplings are introduced while learning various shaft alignment methods. Installation methods for several types of bearings and seals are also detailed.

A fundamental aspect of mechanical drives is the axial transmission of torque from a driving machine to a driven machine. This is achieved by joining the shafts of each machine through a device called the coupling. A key requirement of any coupling is the alignment of the shafts. The topic Shaft alignment and couplings introduces those aspects and presents couplings and shaft alignment methods suitable for various operating conditions. An optional Laser alignment of shafts add-on is also available.

The topic Bearings and seals deals with the inner components of a machine. Using real applications such as a gearbox, a pump and a wheel hub, students learn industry-proven methods for installing and removing bearings and seals in housings and on shafts. Essential concepts of bearings lubrication are also covered.

The manuals of the Level 3 package guide the students step-by-step during their learning process with several photos and illustrations. The main hardware is stored on panels for quick identification and inventory control.

Topic Coverage

  • Align shafts using the straight-edge/feeler gauge, rim/face, and reverse dial indicator methods
  • Use a laser alignment tool to align two shafts (optional hardware required)
  • Identify and install various types of couplings
  • Install/remove bearings and seals from shafts and housings using a variety of tools and methods
  • Install/remove shaft lock nuts, lock washers, and snap rings

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Shaft Alignment and Couplings 46880
1 Spare Parts for Bearings and Seals 46882
1 Accessory level 3 46883
1 Shaft Alignment and Couplings (Workbook (Instructor)) 49138-3
1 Bearings and Seals (Workbook (Instructor)) 49348-3
1 Bearings and Seals (Workbook (Instructor)) 49348-3

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises

Qty Description Model Number
1 Shaft Alignment and Couplings (Job Sheets - Student) 49138-2
1 Bearings and Seals (Job Sheets - Student) 49348-2


Qty Description Model Number
1 Learning system mechanical drives, level 3, shafts, couplings, bearings, seals, campus license 49139

Spare Part

Qty Description Model Number
1 Spare Parts for Bearings and Seals 46882


Removal of snap ring
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Shaft alignment
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Laser alignment method
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Various couplings
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Bearings and seals components
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