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Backflow Prevention Learning System (single-sided)



Learn about common back flow prevention devices, and test them in a compact workstation

This system is designed to learn the necessary skills to test backflow prevention devices (BFP) using industrial-grade test equipment. The single-sided version accommodates 1 team.

BFP are of crucial importance for authorities responsible for the supply of potable water to populations. To make sure that public water is safe, cross-connections in the water distribution system with potentially harmful fluids must be identified. Proper backflow prevention devices must be installed to prevent the contamination of potable water.

The BFP Learning System, features the most common backflow prevention devices used in typical residential and commercial installations. Students learn to perform test procedures on BFP devices.

A mobile workstation forms the basis of the system. It includes various BFP devices and several other components such as a centrifugal pump, a flowmeter, valves, and pipes. Using modern, commercial-grade equipment is helpful in teaching theoretical and hands-on knowledge required to work in backflow prevention.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact double-sided workstation for two teams of students
  • Closed-loop recirculating water circuit with drip tray to keep the floor dry
  • Includes industrial-grade tools used by technicians installing and testing BFP devices

Topic Coverage

  • Define back flow prevention and explain why BFP devices are sometimes required to keep water potable
  • Identify BFP devices, explain how they work and determine in which application(s) they are used
  • Learn to use a backflow preventer test kit to make various pressure measurements
  • Learn the test procedures of each BFP device included with the system

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Pumping Unit 46750
1 Backflow Preventers Supports (Front) 46751-A
1 Flowmeter GPM 46760
1 Backflow Preventers (Front) 46787
1 Mobile Workstation, Piping 46801-A
1 Test Kit Backflow Prevention (Basic) 20495
1 Backflow Prevention Devices (Workbook) 20640-2
1 Backflow Prevention Devices (Workbook (Instructor)) 20640-3
1 Manual of Cross-Connection Control (Workbook) 20703


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