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Piping Learning System



This system is designed to learn the skills to prepare and install pipes and hoses found in industrial installations that are essential to safely carry liquids and gases.

The main learning objectives are the reading of piping schematics, calculation of pipe lengths, fabrication, installation, and testing of piping circuits made of galvanized steel pipes, hoses, PVC pipes, and copper tubes. The system can also be used to teach students how to enforce the safety rules to be followed when working at industrial sites.

The workstation can accommodate two teams of students when the second team add-on is selected.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact design
  • Closed-loop recirculating water circuit with drip tray to keep the floor dry
  • Commercial-grade equipment for a realistic learning experience
  • Turnkey solution with necessary pipes, hoses, fittings and tools

Topic Coverage

  • Identify pipes, fittings, valves, and hangers
  • Calculate required pipes length from a piping layout, then cut, ream, thread and assemble steel pipes
  • Prepare and assemble a hose circuit with barb fittings
  • Prepare and assemble a PVC pipe circuit with cemented fittings
  • Prepare and assemble a copper tube circuit with flare fittings

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Pumping Unit 46750
1 Supports 46751
1 Storage Space 46752
1 Pipe Hangers 46753
1 Flowmeter GPM 46760
1 Pressure Gauge – 210 kPa (30 psi) 46761
1 Piping Accessories 46780
1 Piping Tools 46781
1 Steel and Iron Pipes 46782
1 PVC Pipes 46782-A
1 Hoses 46782-B
1 Tubes 46782-C
1 Steel and Iron Pipe Fittings 46783
1 PVC Pipe Fittings 46783-A
1 Hose Fittings 46783-B
1 Tube Fittings 46783-C
1 Valves 46784
1 Instrumentation Accessories 46785
1 Piping Textbooks 46786
1 Mobile Workstation, Piping 46801-A
1 Piping Fundamentals (Workbook) 39162-6
1 Piping Fundamentals (Workbook (Instructor)) 39162-7
1 IPT's Pipe Trades (Workbook) 39330


Piping Learning System (single-sided)
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Includes specialized tools
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Includes a student manual, and essential reference textbooks
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Compact workstation
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