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Advanced Power Station



The electrical characteristics and voltage ranges of the Advanced Power Station, Model 74, make it ideal for student research projects and teacher demonstrations at all levels. Four AC outputs and two DC outputs are provided. All variable voltage circuits and components are protected by combination thermal magnetic circuit breakers, resettable at the front of the station.

This power station plugs into any standard 120Vac outlet and is energized by a switch. Output connection for fixed and variable 120Vac is a standard grounding-type receptacle. Standard color-coded binding posts are used for low-voltage AC and DC outputs.

Enclosure is 16-gauge steel, finished in scuffresistant, gray-green baked enamel. Operating instructions, one set of alligator leads and required mounting hardware are supplied upon installation.

The Advanced Power Station, Model 74, is recessed for semi-flush mounting in wood or metal apron rails with four Phillips head screws. It has two variable-voltage AC outputs (high and low voltages), one fixedvoltage AC output and one variable-voltage DC output (filtered). A control knob on the front panel sets the voltage of all variable outputs. Two standard grounding-type, simplex receptacles and a pair of color-coded banana jacks provide access to the AC power outputs. A pair of color-coded banana jacks provides access to the DC power output. The Basic Power Station is powered from a standard AC power outlet and turned on by a toggle switch on the front panel. A pilot light illuminates when the unit is energized.


Advanced Power Station
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