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Two-Value Capacitor Motor



The Two-Value Capacitor Motor is a very quiet motor with high starting torque. It combines the characteristics of a capacitor start motor, which under starting conditions has a large locked rotor torque with relatively small locked rotor current, and the capacitor-run motor, which runs very quietly at full load.

The running capacitor and both running windings of the Two-Value Capacitor Motor module are independently terminated to facilitate experimentation of various machine connections, including operation from a two-phase source of power. The design of this machine has been optimized so that the machine operates like a two-phase motor at full load when connected to a single-phase source. The motor is supplied with a silk-screened faceplate showing the motor connections and a 12-pin connector to fit with the Motor Terminal Module, Model 3171-2.

The Two-Value Capacitor Motor is an optional equipment for the Electromechanical system (EMS), a unique approach to electric power technology in philosophy and in design. The EMS machines are the result of Lab-Volt's engineering expertise and the careful research of educational requirements and industrial applications. All machines are mounted in standard size EMS Modules, allowing an easy integration in the Electromechanical Systems.

Two-Value Capacitor Motor
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