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Lead-Acid Batteries



The Lead-Acid Batteries module consists of two 12 V valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) batteries enclosed in a half-size EMS module. These batteries are part of the Electric Power Technology Training Program and are used to study lead-acid battery characteristics as well as the storage of electrical energy in various applications, such as solar power and wind power electricity generation. They can easily be charged using the Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply, Model 8960-2.

The batteries can be connected in series or parallel. Connection to the batteries is through 4 mm safety banana jacks mounted on the front panel of the module. These jacks are used when large amounts of power are supplied to the batteries or drawn from the batteries. A pair of miniature (2 mm) banana jacks mounted on the front panel of the module provides access to one of the two batteries via a low-capacity auto-reset fuse. These miniature jacks are used to connect the battery to either the Solar Panel Test Bench, Model 8805, or the Solar Panel, Model 8806, when performing lab exercises dealing with the storage of electrical energy produced from solar power.

Lead-Acid Batteries
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