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Speed Sensor / Tachometer



The Speed Sensor / Tachometer is an accessory of the 0.2 kW Electric Power/Controls training systems. It is a speed sensor providing a voltage proportional to speed as well as a tachometer indicating the measured speed on an analog scale. The tachometer makes it possible to measure the rotation speed of rotating machines in any 0.2 kW Electromechanical Training System (EMS). The speed sensor can be used in any closed-loop control circuit that requires speed feedback to maintain the speed of an EMS machine constant.

The Speed Sensor / Tachometer consists of a permanent-magnet tachogenerator and an analog speed meter enclosed in a separate steel case. The tachogenerator is housed in an aluminum case which can be fastened to the front panel of any EMS machine. A mini-plug cable interconnects the tachogenerator to the speed meter through a mini jack mounted on its front panel. The Speed Sensor / Tachometer can measure speed in both directions and has two speed ranges. Two switches on the front panel of the speed meter allow selection of the direction of rotation and the speed range. A pair of 2 mm banana jacks, also on the front panel, provide a voltage proportional to speed (speed sensor output voltage).

Speed Sensor / Tachometer
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