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Smart Meter



The Smart Meter module is a compact power monitoring device designed for basic metering and energy monitoring. It is an entry-level solution for digital electrical metering, compared to the Data Acquisition and Control Interface which is the main measurement device used through our complete curriculum. It features a PAC3200 from Siemens, a powerful compact power monitoring device widely used in industrial and commercial metering and monitoring applications.

The Smart Meter provides access to multiple values being monitored such as voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, THD, and energy consumption. For each value, users can read the RMS as well as average, minimum, and maximum values. Users navigate the user-friendly interface using the pushbuttons below the LCD screen.

The PAC3220 features two digital inputs and two digital outputs. It is also equipped with a communication port compatible with Ethernet and Modbus TCP via the RJ45 port on the front panel for integration with other devices.

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