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0.2 kW Protective Relaying Training System



The 0.2 kW Protective Relaying Training System is a complete program that extends training in protective relaying beyond the operation and calibrations of individual relays into broader circuit applications. The program provides hands-on training at the system level in Generator Protection, Transformer Protection, and Induction Motor Protection.

The 0.2 kW Protective Relaying Training System consists of several modules, which can be divided into five groups: Common Electrical Modules, Power System Modules (Series 3700), Protective Relaying Control Station, Protective Relays (Series 3800), and Additional and Optional Equipment. These modules are described in detail below:

Common Electrical Modules – Power supply, synchronous generator, induction motor, prime mover / dynamometer, resistive loads, voltmeters, ammeters, and others. Most of these modules are part of the 0.2 kW ElectroMechanical System (EMS), Model 8001 or 8006.

Power System Modules, Series 3700 – Modules specially designed for training in the protective relaying area, including current transformers, voltage transformers, power transformers, source impedances, a transmission grid, and others. These modules are designed to be installed in an EMS workstation.

Protective Relaying Control Station – A mobile rack for protective relay operation, including a dc power supply, dc control relays for system studies, and an interconnection panel to facilitate connection of the protective relays to the system to be protected.

Protective Relays, Series 3800 – Selection of protective relays. Each relay is mounted on a metal panel which facilitates relay installation in the Protective Relaying Control Station. Each relay panel is equipped with fault switches that allow fault insertion for troubleshooting at the system level. The following types of protective relays are available: undercurrent/overcurrent, undervoltage/overvoltage, synchronism check, underfrequency/over-frequency, phase balance, phase sequence, reverse power, and power factor.

Additional and Optional Equipment – Various modules, such as distribution busses, a ring bus, transmission lines, distribution transformers, protective relays, and reactive loads are available. These modules can be added to the basic 0.2 kW Protective Relaying Training System to allow the instructor to create more elaborate hands-on exercises.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular, industrial-grade system approach allowing:
    • selection of areas of interest for study, and tailoring to special training needs
    • equipment selection to match budgets
    • setup of complete power systems/generators feeding various devices such as transformers, transmission lines, and others
    • progressive system enhancement with no replication of equipment
  • Use of many modules from other well-known Electromechanical System (EMS)
  • Wide range of protective relays: undercurrent/overcurrent, undervoltage/overvoltage, synchronism check, underfrequency/overfrequency, phase balance, phase sequence, reverse power, and power factor.
  • Fault insertion capability for troubleshooting at the system level
  • Very safe operation and experimentation
  • Ability of power utility customers to combine their own protective relays with the 0.2 kW Protective Relaying Training System to obtain equipment setups that correspond to existing one-line and three-line diagrams
  • Comprehensive curriculum with detailed lab procedures, exercises, theory, tests, etc.

List of equipment

Description System Number
0.2 kW Protective Relaying Training System 8007
0.2 kW Protective Relaying Training System Add-On 8007-A

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises (Purchased separately)

Qty Description System Number
1 Dual-Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope 798-1
1 Current Transformers 3770-5
1 AC/DC Current Sensitive Relay 3815-1
1 Mobile Workstation 8110-2
1 Resistive Load 8311
1 AC Ammeter 8425
1 Connection Lead Set 8951-4


Product Fixes

8960-1x - Prime Mover / Dynamometer

Synchronizing Module 8621-0x pilot lamps problem

0.2-kW Protective Relaying Training System
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