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Digital Multimeter / Function Generator



The Digital Multimeter / Function Generator is a compact, general-purpose instrumentation module that provides the necessary test equipment (except the oscilloscope) to perform the courses in the FACET program. The module consists of a sine/square/triangle waveshape function generator and an auto-ranging digital multimeter. All instruments share a common power input and are housed in a portable enclosure.

All components, switches, and terminals are mounted in a tamper-resistant manner. The module’s design protects the instruments from inadvertent short circuits and overloads in the context of the FACET training system.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-read, silk-screened front panel
  • 3½ digit auto-ranging multimeter
  • Function generator
  • A tilt bail is included and can be attached using a screwdriver

Digital Multimeter / Function Generator
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Download Image

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