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DC Fundamentals FACET Board



The DC Fundamentals course provides comprehensive, hands-on instruction in the terminology, principles and applications of dc circuits. Following a carefully designed instructional program, students become familiar with all components of the board. They learn how to isolate, identify, and test a series of circuits and perform troubleshooting exercises to demonstrate their mastery of the course objectives.

All dc power to the circuit board is supplied by the 15 V power supply via the base unit and its protection circuitry. Students troubleshoot dc circuit faults inserted by the computer or manually by the instructor, who alters hidden switches located under a locking cover.

A dc milliammeter is provided with the circuit board.

The circuits found on this board include:

- Batteries

- Switches

- Ohm’s Law

- Series Circuit

- Parallel Circuit

- Series-Parallel Circuit

- Power

- Linear/Non-Linear Variable Resistor

- Voltage Divider

- Voltmeter/Ammeter/Ohmmeter

Topic Coverage

  • Instrument, FACET Base Unit and Board Familiarization
  • Symbols and Schematics
  • Basic and Electrical Safety Rules
  • Circuit Voltage, Current, Resistance
  • DC Power Sources in Series and in Parallel Series
  • Opposing DC Sources
  • Switches Identification and Switching Concepts
  • Ohm’s Law: Circuit Resistance, Current, & Voltage
  • Resistance, Voltage and Current in a Series Resistive Circuit
  • Resistance, Voltage and Current in a Parallel Resistive Circuit
  • Resistance, Voltage and Current in a Series-Parallel Resistive Circuit
  • Power in a Series and/or Parallel Resistive Circuit
  • Rheostat and Potentiometer
  • Voltage and/or Current Dividers
  • Measuring: DC Ammeter, DC Ohmmeter, DC Voltmeter
  • Troubleshooting DC Circuits 1


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DC Fundamentals
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