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DC Network Theorems FACET Board



Comprised of nine training circuit blocks and a constant-source current block, the DC Network Theorems Module enables students to perform practical exercises that demonstrate theoretical dc principles.

When a circuit has two voltage sources in different branches, theorems are used to solve for voltage and/or current in these circuits where Ohm’s Law cannot be applied.

The circuits found on this board include:

- Kirchhoff's Current Law

- Kirchhoff's Voltage Law

- Kirchhoff's Laws Combined

- Kirchhoff Solution with 2 Sources

- Constant Current Source

- Superposition

- Thevenin Circuits

- Thevenizing a Bridge

- Thevenin/Norton Conversion

- T Network

- Y Network

- Pi Network

- Delta Network

Topic Coverage

  • Component Location and Identification
  • Circuit Board Operation
  • Currents and Node Currents in a Two-Element Branch Circuit
  • Voltages in a Three-Element Series Circuit
  • Algebraic Sum of Voltages in a Series Circuit
  • Generating Loop Equations and Node Equations
  • Kirchhoff’s Voltage and Current Laws with a Two-Source Circuit
  • Mesh Solutions, Superposition Solution and Millman's Theorem Solution of a Two-Source Circuit
  • Thevenizing a Single-Source Network and a Dual-Source Network
  • Thevenin Resistance (RTH) and Voltage (VTH) of a Bridge Circuit
  • Thevenin-to-Norton Conversion
  • Norton-to-Thevenin Conversion
  • Tee and Wye or Pi and Delta Networks
  • Transformation of Delta and Wye Networks
  • Troubleshooting Basics and DC Networks


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DC Network Theorems
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