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Operational Amplifier Applications FACET Board



The Operational Amplifier Applications module enables students to perform practical exercises that demonstrate applications of operational amplifiers.

The objective of this program is familiarization and skills training with the following circuits:

- Attenuator

- Integrator

- Differentiator

- Low- and High-Pass Filters

- Band-Pass Filters

- Full-wave Bridge Driver/Conversion

- Troubleshooting the modified configurations

Topic Coverage

  • Component Location and Identification
  • Band Pass Filter Operation
  • Integrator and Differentiator
  • Low Pass and High Pass Filter Frequency Response, Phase and Transient Response
  • Band Pass Filter Operator, Frequency Response, Phase Response
  • DC Characteristics of an Active Voltage to Current Converter
  • AC Characteristics of an Active RMS or Average Calibrated Voltage to Current Converter
  • Troubleshooting Basics and Troubleshooting Op Amp Circuits
  • Troubleshooting Op Amp Circuits


Operational Amplifier Applications
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