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MagTran® Training System



The MagTran® Training System is designed to teach magnetic circuit principles and the application of these principles to basic transformers. It is suitable for a broad range of teaching programs – from vocational schools to universities.

It consists of a set of laminated iron bars, a vise-type non-magnetic base that holds the bars in place, coils, and other related components that can be assembled in many ways. Correlated courseware contains an extensive set of laboratory experiments that illustrate basic principles of magnetism and electromagnetic induction.

Features & Benefits

  • Enables students to build single- and three-phase transformers.
  • An incandescent lamp enables the observation and study of magnetic coupling.
  • Students can rearrange magnetic circuits to learn about inductance and transformer ratios.
  • Enables measurement of magnetic fluxes as low as 10 μWb to demonstrate leakage flux, saturation, and magnetic shunts.
  • A low-cost flux meter with a special built-in circuit enables the observation of hysteresis loops on an oscilloscope (not included).
  • Exploration of the shaded-pole principle magnetic amplifiers, and permanent magnet properties.
  • High-quality components designed for hands-on training purposes.
  • Estimated program duration: 60 hours

List of equipment

Description System Number
MagTran® Training System 8024
MagTran® – Add-On to 8001 or 8006 8024-1


MagTran® Training Systems
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