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Numerical Protective Relays Training System



Protective relaying provides detection of abnormal operating conditions in electrical systems and is needed in order to act quickly to protect circuits, equipment, and the general public. The theoretical background, as well as practical application, of these protective devices and their protection functions are an important part of the education of power systems for electrical engineers.

Power-utility-grade equipment, Siemens’ newest generation the SIPROTEC 5 series, is used in this innovative teaching approach. Example scenarios are created in the accompanying professional programming tool, DIGSI 5, which allows users to create different setups and simulate possible faults using the built-in relay testing unit. The response of the relay is then analyzed with the relay display and the fault record. This customizable solution allows perfect alignment for individual teaching needs.

The available range of relays and manuals provide coverage of these general topics:

• Overcurrent/Overload Protection

• Directional Protection

• Differential Protection

• Distance Protection

Features & Benefits

  • Self-contained devices with internal testing capabilities not requiring external devices to create faults
  • Power-utility grade equipment with Siemens' newest generation of the SIPROTEC 5 Series
  • Professionnal programming tool DIGSI 5 to create and test different scenarios
  • Complete curriculum with all the necessary theory and manipulations to cover these comprehensive topics
  • Possibility to cover all dedicated workbooks on numerical relay protection with only two units

Topic Coverage

  • Overcurrent/Overload Protection : evolution of protective relays, overcurrent protection, overcurrent and overload protection of AC machines and power transformers, overcurrent protection of radial feeders
  • Directional Protection : protection of parallel power lines using overcurrent relays, directional overcurrent protection, directional comparison protection, directional power protection
  • Differential Protection: effect of the current measuring error on the sensitivity of current differential protection, percentage restrained differential protection, application of differential protection
  • Distance Protection : simplified diagram of a power system, conventional time-stepped distance protection, distance relay impedance characteristic, fault impedance vs. load impedance, line protection, generator loss-of-excitation protection, distance protection using communication-assisted tripping schemes

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Numerical Distance Relay 3813
1 Numerical Differential Protective Relay 3819
1 Overcurrent and Overload Protection Using Protective Relays (Workbook) 52173
1 Overcurrent and Overload Protection Using Protective Relays (Workbook (Instructor)) 52173-1
1 Directional Protection (Workbook) 52174
1 Directional Protection (Workbook (Instructor)) 52174-1
1 Differential Protection (Workbook) 52175
1 Differential Protection (Workbook (Instructor)) 52175-1
1 Numerical Protective Relays (User Guide) 52766-E
1 Distance Protection (Workbook) 52176
1 Distance Protection (Workbook (Instructor)) 52176-1
1 Numerische Schutzrelais (User Guide) 52766-E
1 Relais de protection numériques (User Guide) 52766-E
1 Relés numéricos de protección (User Guide) 52766-E

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises (Purchased separately)

Qty Description Model Number
1 License for DIGSI 5 Premium Software 52286


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