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32-Bit Microprocessor (Stand-Alone)



The 32-Bit Microprocessor course builds on students’ knowledge of digital circuitry gained in Digital Logic Fundamentals to provide comprehensive, hands-on instruction in the terminology, principles and applications of 32-bit microprocessor systems. The 80386DX CPU is used to demonstrate microprocessor, memory and I/O concepts, as well as communication with analog systems via A-to-D and D-to-A converters or serial and parallel protocols. A keypad and an alphanumeric LCD display allow direct user interaction with the CPU. An on-board logic probe, single bus cycle execution mode, and the practical, hands-on approach of the courseware guide students in the analysis and troubleshooting of 32-bit microprocessor systems.

This board can be used as a stand-alone unit and can also be interfaced with higher-level FACET boards, such as:

• Transducer Fundamentals

• Motors, Generators and Controls

• Fiber Optic Communications

Features & Benefits

  • 16 KB monitor ROM/User ROM
  • Serial data port (RS-232)
  • Parallel data port (8-bit)
  • Single-bus cycle control
  • Single-instruction cycle control
  • On-board applications interface
  • On-board logic probe for signal tracing
  • Optional microprocessor application board to demonstrate practical microprocessor-based temperature/motor control
  • Interrupt controller

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 PC Download Kit for 32-Bit Microprocessor Circuit Board 91778


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Download Image

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