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Smoothing Inductor



The Smoothing Inductor module is one of the Power Electronics Devices that can be added to the 2 kW Electromechanical Training System to allow training in power electronics. The Power Electronics Devices are used to filter and convert electrical power flowing in electric circuits. They come as half-size EMS modules equipped with a steel front panel. Internal electrical components are identified on the module front panel by silkscreened symbols.

This module consists of one choke especially designed to “smooth” current variations occurring in thyristor (silicon-controlled rectifier or SCR) circuits. The choke or inductor has two separate identical windings, terminated on the front panel by 4 mm safety banana jacks. The inductor can be connected in series or parallel to show the effect of varying the inductance value on filtering. They can also be used as an inductive load in AC and DC circuits.

Smoothing Inductor
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