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Data Acquisition and Control Interface



The Data Acquisition and Control Interface (DACI) is a versatile USB peripheral used for measuring, observing, and analyzing electrical and mechanical parameters in electric power systems and power electronics circuits. For these purposes, a set of computer-based instruments are available for the DACI. These instruments are accessed through the LVDAC-EMS software. The LVDAC-EMS software, as well as all available upgrades, is free and can be downloaded anytime on the Festo Didactic website (

Together, the DACI and the LVDAC-EMS software allow training in various areas such as electric power technology, ac/dc machines, renewable energy, transmission lines, and power electronics using modern and versatile measuring instruments.


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Data Table and Graph.
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Harmonic Analyzer window.
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Metering window.
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Oscilloscope window.
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Phasor Analyzer window.
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