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Motor Winding Kit



The Motor Winding Kit offers a new approach to teaching construction techniques for electrical machines. Starting with basic components such as laminations, motor ends, and magnet wire, the Motor Winding Kit allows the assembly of a squirrel-cage induction motor, a wound-rotor induction motor, a three-phase synchronous machine, and a split-phase capacitor-start motor. All parts necessary for assembly of the four machines are included in the kit. Two types of stator laminations are included for winding a three-phase stator and a single-phase stator.

Three types of rotors are included in the kit: a squirrel-cage rotor (completely assembled), a rotor with open-slot laminations allowing the winding of a wound rotor, and a rotor with cruciform laminations and a damper assembly, allowing the winding of a four-pole synchronous machine rotor. The rotors are made of a double-ended stainless steel shaft on which the ball bearings and laminations are permanently assembled.

Features & Benefits

  • High-quality components designed for hands-on training purposes
  • Complete assembly kit that can be reused many times
  • Nominal rating and the winding schematics are silk-screened on the overlay to facilitate learning
  • Cost-efficient
  • Complete curriculum with instructions
  • Estimated program duration: 40 hours

Topic Coverage

  • Equipment Familiarization
  • Split-Phase Capacitor-Start Motor
  • Three-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
  • Three-Phase Wound-Rotor Induction Motor
  • Synchronous Machine

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Work Bench for the Motor Winding Kit 8120-1
1 Assembly Housing Module 8163-1
1 Motor Winding Kit Parts 8203-A
1 Manual Coil Winder 8901
1 Motor Winding Kit (Workbook) 26145


Motor Winding Kit
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