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2 kW Electric Power Transmission Training Systems



The 2 kW Electric Power Transmission Training Systems are part of a program designed to teach through hands-on exercises the principles of electric power transmission, a subject which is usually taught in a strictly theoretical way.

The exercises show how changes in the source, load, and transmission line affect the overall performance of a system. In particular, they illustrate the meaning of active and reactive power, how the voltage at the end of a line can be lowered or raised, how power can be forced to flow over one transmission line instead of another, and how a system behaves when subjected to disturbances. The tests relating to switching transients, sudden overloads, and momentary short-circuits dramatically demonstrate the mechanical swing of generator poles and the concurrent surges of power over the transmission line. More than any amount of theory could show, these exercises convey the meaning of power stability and the limits to power flow.

Alternator, motor, capacitors, reactors, resistors, regulating autotransformer, series compensator, and transmission lines are employed. Despite their small size, these components are designed to act in exactly the same way under steady-state and transient conditions, as their larger counterparts in industry. This practical, hands-on course is presented in a way that is readily understandable by anyone who has foundational knowledge of electricity.

Features & Benefits

  • Sturdy workstations and modules constructed of heavy-gauge steel, finished in baked enamel
  • Comprehensive curriculum includes a student manual and an instructor guide with all the necessary theory taught prior to the hands-on experiments
  • Inductive, resistive, and capacitive load components are included
  • Symbols and diagrams representing the electrical components in each module are clearly silk-screened on the front panel
  • Safe: all electrical components can be interconnected without electric shock hazard, as all live parts of the plugs are concealed and insulated

List of equipment

Description System Number
2 kW Electric Power Transmission Training System - Analog Meters 8059-2
2 kW Electric Power Transmission Training System - Add-On to Model 8013 with Analog Meters 8059-3
2 kW Electric Power Transmission Training System - With Data Acquisition Interface 8059-4
2 kW Electric Power Transmission Training System - Add-On to Model 8013 with Data Acquisition Interface 8059-5

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises (Purchased separately)

Qty Description System Number
1 Three-Phase Transformer (750 VA) 8372
1 Variable Power Supply 8525-2


2-kW Electric Power Transmission Training Systems
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