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Basic Radar Training System



The Basic Radar Training System is a complete set of hardware, courseware, and all necessary accessories such as targets and interconnecting cables that allows the principles of pulse, CW Doppler, and FM-CW radar systems to be studied.

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Horn Antenna 9535
1 Power Supply / Antenna Motor Driver 9601-2
1 Radar Synchronizer / Antenna Controller 9602-2
1 Rotating-Antenna Pedestal 9603-1
1 Radar Antenna 9604
1 Dual-Channel Sampler 9605-1
1 Target Positioning System 9607-3
1 Radar Transmitter 9620-2
1 Radar Receiver 9621-2
1 Accessories for 8097-1 9688
1 Principles of Radar Systems (Student Manual) 38542
1 Radar Training System (Instructor Guide) 38542-1

Additionally required equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Dual-Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope 798-1
1 Dual-Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope 798-1
1 Dual-Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope 798-1
1 Frequency Counter (0.1Hz - 2.4 GHz) 9416

Radar echo of a moving target observed on an A-scope display obtained using a conventional oscilloscope.
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Basic Radar Training System
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