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Power Supply Regulation Circuits FACET Board



The Power Supply Regulation Circuits module is used to study power supply regulation circuits in a hands-on learning environment.

Through the study of the following six circuit blocks, the trainee will gain the skills necessary to be able to successfully troubleshoot the following power supply circuit malfunctions:

- Shunt Voltage Regulator

- Series Voltage Regulator

- Current Regulator

- Voltage Feedback Regulation

- IC Regulation

- DC to DC Converter

Topic Coverage

  • Circuit Location and Identification and Power Supply Regulator Introduction
  • Shunt and Series Regulators Operation, Line and Load Regulation
  • Voltage Feedback Regulator Operation, Load Regulation
  • Foldback Current Limiting Active Protection Circuit
  • Current Regulator Operation, Line and Load Regulation
  • Three-Pin IC Regulator Operation, Voltage Regulation, Current Regulation and Power Efficiency
  • DC to DC Converter Operating Characteristics, Voltage Regulation and Efficiency
  • Troubleshooting Basics and Troubleshooting Power Supply Regulation Circuits


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Power Supply Regulation Circuits
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