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Solar Power Training System



The Solar Power Training System uses a modular design approach to introduce students to the production of electrical energy from solar power, with emphasis on the use and operation of photovoltaic panels. The Solar Power Training System mainly consists of a solar panel test bench and a monocrystalline silicon solar panel. By installing the solar panel in the solar panel test bench, students can conduct several indoor experiments on solar panel operation and performance using the artificial light source of the test bench. Students can also install the solar panel on a tripod to perform outdoor experiments using sunlight.

Features & Benefits

  • The training system allows easy experimentation with the operation of solar panels and the storage of electrical energy in batteries.
  • Solar panel experiments can be performed both indoors, using the solar panel test bench as light source, or outdoors, using sunlight.
  • The course curriculum of the Electric Power Technology Training Program is highly flexible and allows a multitude of different customized training solutions.
  • The courseware includes student manuals and instructor guides with all the theory required to perform the hands-on experiments.
  • All workstations, modules, and components are very sturdy to ensure a prolonged service life in a demanding environment such as a training laboratory.
  • The modular design approach of the training equipment allows a large variety of courses to be performed using a small number of modules, without unnecessary duplication of equipment.
  • All electrical components can be interconnected without electric shock hazard since all live parts of the connection leads are concealed and insulated.
  • All electrical symbols representing the components used in a laboratory exercise are clearly silk-screened on the front panel of the modules.

Topic Coverage

  • Voltage, Current, and Ohm's Law
  • Equivalent Resistance
  • Power in DC Circuits
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • The Diode
  • The Solar Panel (Photovoltaic Panel)
  • Effect of Temperature on Solar Panel Performance
  • Storing Energy from Solar Panels into Batteries
  • Effect of Shading on Solar Panel Operation
  • Solar Panel Orientation (optional)
  • Solar Panel Performance versus Insolation (optional)

List of equipment

Qty Description
1 Three-Module Workstation 8131
1 Resistive Load 8311
1 Lead-Acid Batteries 8801
1 Solar Panel Test Bench 8805
1 Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel 8806
1 Connection Lead Set 8951-L
1 Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply with manual control 8960-B

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises

Qty Description
1 Digital Multimeter 8946-2


Qty Description
1 Solar Power Training System (Manuals on CD-ROM) 86352-A

Spare Part

Qty Description
1 Connection Lead Set 8951
1 Fuse SB 5.0 A 71603

Optional Equipment

Qty Description
1 Multimeters Module 8946-A
1 Personal Computer 8990
1 All-in-One Touch Screen Computer (including Monitor Stand with Articulating Arm) 8990-A
1 All-in-one computer 20628
1 Touch-Screen Computer 46299
1 Touch-Screen Computer – Large 46299-A


Solar Power Training System
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The above chart shows all courses in the Electric Power Technology Training Program. Blue boxes highlight courses included in the training system covered in this datasheet, while dark grey boxes, if any, highlight courses that can be optionally added to this training system.
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