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Digital Communications 2 FACET Board



The Digital Communications 2 module enables students to configure, operate, and troubleshoot the following circuits:

- NRZ, RZ, and Manchester Encoding and Decoding

- Clock Synchronizer

- Frequency-Shift Keying (FSK) Generation

- FSK Asynchronous and Synchronous Detection

- Phase-Shift Keying (PSK) Generation

- PSK Asynchronous and Synchronous Detection

- Amplitude-Shift Keying (ASK) Generation

- ASK Asynchronous and Synchronous Detection

- Channel Effects

- FSK Modem

The circuits found on this board include:

- Line Encoding

- Modulators

- Channel Simulator

- Sync Detector

- Modem

Features & Benefits

  • The Channel Simulator circuit block and a bit error rate (BER) counter enable students to evaluate the effects of noise on ASK and PSK modulated carrier signals.
  • The Modem circuit block contains an FSK/DPSK modem IC, which students use in a loop-back mode to observe the entire signal path.
  • Communication signals are synchronized for easy display.

Topic Coverage

  • Circuit Board Familiarization and Introduction to Digital Transmission
  • Encoding and Decoding
  • FSK Signal Generation, Asynchronous Detection, Synchronous Detection
  • PSK Signal Generation and Synchronous Detection
  • ASK Signal Generation and Asynchronous Detection
  • Effects of Noise on ASK and PSK Signals
  • Effects of Noise on Asynchronously and Synchronously Detected FSK Signals
  • Operation of an FSK Modem and DPSK Modem
  • Troubleshooting Basics and Troubleshooting Digital Communications 2 Circuits


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Digital Communications 2
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