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Air Pressure/Flow Process Learning Systems



The Air Pressure/Flow Process Training Learning , Series 3533, introduce students to process instruments and control performed on air processes. The Learning systems are part of the Instrumentation and Process Control program, which uses modern equipment and a complete curriculum to help students assimilate the theoretical and practical knowledge that is mandatory to work in the process control industry.

The modularity of the systems allows instructors to select only the specific equipment necessary to attain the training objectives, without unrequired equipment. Several configurations are available for a single workstation. Adding optional equipment can increase the number of these configurations.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete training program that helps students to assimilate theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Comprehensive curriculum

Topic Coverage

  • Air pressure and flow (basics, measurement, process control)

List of equipment

Description System Number
I/O Interface with LVProSim 9065-B
Air Pressure/Flow Process Training System (Allen-Bradley) – HART 3533
Air Pressure/Flow Process Training System (Siemens) – HART 3533-2
ControlLogix PLC Bundle – Educational 3539-5
MicroLogix PLC Bundle – Educational 3539-7
CompactLogix PLC Bundle – Educational 3539-8
ControlLogix PLC Bundle – Commercial 3539-A
MicroLogix PLC Bundle – Commercial 3539-C
CompactLogix PLC Bundle – Commercial 3539-D
S7-1500 PLC Bundle HART – Educational 3539-P
S7-1500 PLC Bundle – Educational 3539-S

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises (Purchased separately)

Qty Description System Number
1 Air Compressor 6410-B
1 Compressor 6410-C
1 Personal Computer 8990


Structure of the Air Pressure/Flow Process Learning Systems
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Process & Instrumentation Workstation (shown with optional equipment)
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Details of a setup on the Process & Instrumentation Workstation (shown with optional equipment).
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Content dependency structure of the manuals for the training system.
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Instrumentation and Process Control Training Systems
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