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Magnetism and Electromagnetism



The Magnetism and Electromagnetism training module introduces students to practical, up-to-date applications in magnetism and electromagnetism. The board permits to experiment on:

• Magnetic Poles

• Magnetic Lines of Force

• Electromagnet/Solenoid

• Control Circuit/Latch

• Buzzer

This board is available in the following language variants:

• English variant: 91020-20

• French variant: 91020-21

• Spanish variant: 91020-22

Topic Coverage

  • Magnetism, Magnetic Fields, Making a Magnet
  • Electromagnet, Solenoid, Relay

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Magnetism and Electromagnetism 91580-P
1 Magnetism and Electromagnetism 91580-Q
1 Magnetism and Electromagnetism 91580-R


Magnetism And Electromagnetism
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Download Image

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