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Multiple-Pump Systems - add-on



The Multiple-Pump Systems is an add-on to the Single-Pump Systems. It consists of a motor, a centrifugal pump, a check valve, and accessories. These components are required to understand pressure losses, and the characteristics of pumps installed in series or in parallel.

The project-based pedagogical approach makes it possible to contextualize the tasks performed by the learner. The exercises develop fundamental skills required for workers interacting with any industrial process involving pumps.


- Pump mounts directly on the motor shaft and does not require alignment

- Quick connect cam lever couplings for easy hose and pipe connections

- Industrial-grade components for a realistic learning experience

- Single tool to secure components on the worksurface for quick assembly

- 5S-type storage for all components in lockable drawers to keep the workspace tidy and organized

Learning outcomes:

- Measure pressure losses and understand their causes and consequences.

- Install pumps in parallel and compare their pressure and flow characteristics to a Single-Pump setup.

- Install pumps in series and compare their pressure and flow characteristics to a Single-Pump setup.

- Learn to choose a pump for a specific application.

- Present solutions for a tank replacement and identify the consequences on an existing pumping circuit

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Motor and Pump Assembly (Multiple-Pump) 47421
2 Check Valve Assembly 47423
1 Multiple-Pump Systems Accessories 47429

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