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Radar Training System



The Radar Training System is still the only real radar trainer that operates safely inside a classroom or lab, demonstrating that the technical advancement achieved by this system has been unequalled since. The computer-based control of the radar’s processing and display functions ensures it will continue to be a leading-edge pedagogical product for many years to come.

The system uses patented technology to provide students with real — not simulated — hands-on experience in the use of radar to detect and track passive targets at very short range in the presence of noise and clutter. The very low transmitter power allows for safe operation in a variety of training environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Real radar training system that operates safely inside a classroom or lab
  • Innovative design combining real-world radar with the power of modern surveillance technology
  • Computer-based control of the radar’s processing and display functions
  • Comprehensive courseware and system level training with lab exercises
  • Fault-insertion capability for the teaching of troubleshooting
  • Turnkey, cost-effective training solution including instrumentation
  • Powerful DSP, FPGA, and Data Acquisition System for Digital Analysis
  • Realistic, high-gain parabolic antenna for high azimuth (angular) resolution
  • Several subsystems allow delving into specific topics to expand knowledge and skills
  • Can expand and complete existing telecommunication programs (satellite, antenna, microwave, etc.)
  • Total program duration: more than 195 hours (all subsystems)

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Training System – Add-On to 8096-A 8096-B
Basic Radar Training System 8097-1
Radar Processor/Display - Add-On to 8097-1 8097-2
Radar Tracking Training System – Add-On to 8097-1 and 8097-2 8097-3
Radar Active Target Training System – Add-On to 8097-1, 8097-2, and 8097-3 8097-4
Radar Phased Array Antenna Training System – Add-On to 8097-1 and 8097-2 8097-6
RCS and ISAR Measurement Training System – Add-On to 8097-1, and 8097-2 8097-A
Radar Phase-Coded Pulse Compression Training System 8097-C

Radar Training System
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