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Smart Grid Training System



The Smart Grid Training System introduces students to the concept of upgrading and operating an electric power substation in today's smart grid.

The course starts with a brief presentation of the electric power grid. It then explains what the smart grid is, as concretely as possible. This is no easy task, because the definition of the smart grid differs slightly from one country to another. The course continues by presenting several different ways of improving the infrastructure of the grid to make it smart. To demonstrate this in a concrete way, the course shows how an aging distribution substation can be upgraded to improve its reliability, maintainability, flexibility of operation, and power efficiency, i.e., to make it ready for operation in the smart grid and to help meet objectives of the smart grid. The course terminates by showing that proper control of the operations in electric power substations is as important as upgrading the infrastructure of substations to achieve objectives of the smart grid.

Features & Benefits

  • The course curriculum of the Electric Power Technology Training Program is highly flexible and allows a multitude of different customized training solutions.
  • Flexible learning system to which several other Smart Grid topics can be added such as Electric Power Substations, Numerical Protective Relaying, Transmission Lines, SVC, STATCOM, HVDC, ...
  • The courseware includes student manuals and instructor guides with all the theory required to perform the hands-on experiments.
  • All workstations, modules, and components are sturdy and protected against electrical damage to ensure a prolonged service life in a demanding environment such as a training laboratory.
  • The modular design approach of the training equipment allows a large variety of courses to be performed using a small number of modules, without unnecessary duplication of equipment.
  • All electrical components can be interconnected without electric shock hazard since all live parts of the connection leads are concealed and insulated.

Topic Coverage

  • Reducing Power Losses in Electric Power Substations: Power loss vs demand, sharing load between two transformers.
  • Upgrading a Substation for Operation in the Smart Grid: Aging distribution substations, upgrading towards the operation in a the smart grid, automated control of the distribution substation operation, SCADA, maintenance, fast restoration of power to loads, ...
  • Operating a Substation in the Smart Grid: improving the substation reliability, extending the life cycle of transformers, avoiding increasing the short-circuit current capability, dynamic load sharing, ...

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Circuit Breakers and Disconnecting Switches 1 3783
1 Circuit Breakers and Disconnecting Switches 2 3783-A
1 Fault Module 3790-A
1 Three-Module Workstation 8131
1 Tabletop Workstation 8134-2
1 Four-Pole Squirrel Cage Motor 8221-2
2 Resistive Load 8311
1 Capacitive Load 8331
2 Three-Phase Transformer Bank 8348-4
1 Three-Phase Power Supply 8823
1 DC Power Supply / Ethernet Switch 8824
1 Timing Belt 8942
1 Connection Lead Set 8951-S
1 Four-Quadrant Dynamometer / Power Supply with Manual and Computer-Based Control 8960-C
1 Data Acquisition and Control Interface 9063
1 Data Acquisition and Control Interface 9063-B
2 Software Development Kit (SDK) 9069-9
1 AC 24 V Wall Mount Power Supply 30004-2
1 PLC Software (Step 7 Professional / WinCC) - 1 User 5939
1 Electric Power Technology Training Equipment (User Guide) 38486-E
1 Computer-Based Instruments for EMS (User Guide) 86718-E
1 Smart Grid (Workbook (Instructor)) 8107696
1 Smart Grid (Workbook) 8107698


Qty Description Model Number
1 SCADA for LVDAC-EMS 8973
1 STEP 7 Software Trainer Package for 1 user (perpetual), Educational 81646-4
1 Step 7 professional and WinCC Advanced, 6 users (perpetual) + 20 Students (1 year), Educational 81646-5
1 Update to Step 7 professional and WinCC Advanced, 6 users (perpetual) + 20 Students (1 year), Educational 81646-5
1 Step 7 professional and WinCC Advanced, 20 Students (1 year), Educational 81646-5


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