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FACET® Electronics Training System



The FACET® Electronics Training Systems is a unique combination of hardware and software that provides a complete learning solution. It is a modular training system that encompasses four areas of study:

• Basic Principles of Electricity and Electronics

• Digital and Microprocessor Electronics

• Industrial Electronics

• Communications

The hardware components of the FACET® training systems are completely safe and designed for durability. Circuits can be faulted to teach real-world troubleshooting. Students perform experiments on a wide range of electronics and electricity training modules that combine theory and application with practical skill-training techniques. Boards connect with a base unit that distributes power and controls the circuits of the different learning modules.

The courses can be provided by traditional student manual or eSeries courseware. The eSeries is an interactive multimedia courseware that enhances learning speed and retention by featuring circuit design, analysis, and troubleshooting. The instructor guide and supportive pre- and post-tests provide instructors and students with an extensive overview and working knowledge.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable construction integrating mechanical components capable of thousands of cycles of operation.
  • Voltage regulation and protection against over-voltage and short-circuit conditions for safety in training.
  • Minimal wiring required to save lab time.
  • Variety of industrial-grade components provide broad, hands-on, real-world training experience.
  • Student-controlled and computer-activated circuit modification capability.
  • Fault-insertion capability to teach troubleshooting.
  • Comprehensive curriculum.
  • Sturdy trays for easy handling and connection to base unit.
  • Silk-screened circuit and component identification.
  • Gold-plated zero insertion force (ZIF) connector technology.

Topic Coverage

  • Basic Electricity & Electronics
  • Digital and Microprocessor Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Communications Systems
  • Estimated TOTAL program duration: 400 hours

List of equipment

Description System Number
Manual Base Unit with Built-In Power Supply 91000-3
Computer Interface Base Unit with Built-In Power Supply 91000-5

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises (Purchased separately)

Qty Description System Number
1 Virtual Instrument Package 1250-2
1 IEC power cable 90° - NEMA (Type B) 86331


FACET® Electronics Training System Board
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FACET® Electronics Training System Base Unit
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FACET® Electronics Training System with eSeries
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