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Microwave Technology Training System with LVDAM-MW



The Computer-Assisted Microwave Technology Training System is a complete, state-of-the-art microwave training program that includes data acquisition and instrumentation.

Specifically designed for hands-on training, this integrated package of software, hardware, and courseware contains all power supplies, high-quality microwave components, and accessories required to perform the experiments.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides hands-on, system-level training in microwave technologies in the classroom
  • Uses rugged, high-quality components designed for educational purposes
  • Each component is identified with standard micro-wave symbol
  • Microwave devices and components fabricated from electroless-plated brass to standard X-band waveguide dimensions
  • Waveguide flanges joined by patented, precision quick fasteners, allowing rapid assembly and disassembly of system configurations
  • USB Data Acquisition Interface (DAI) providing the following virtual instrumentation for the LVDAM®-MW software: Power Meter, SWR Meter, Oscilloscope, Ammeter, and Voltmeter
  • The DAI is "stackable" and powered by the Gunn Oscillator Power Supply, Model 9501
  • Comprehensive manuals with theory, step-by-step laboratory exercises, and review questions
  • Meets a variety of needs and budgets because of subsystems and options
  • Highly safe: low-power operation levels
  • Estimated Program Duration: 55 hours

List of equipment

Description System Number
Microwave Technology Training System with LVDAM-MW 8091
Variable RF Oscillator and Resonant-Cavity Frequency Meter (add-on to microwaves with LVDAM) 8091-1

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises (Purchased separately)

Qty Description System Number
1 Personal Computer 8990


Wireless transmission of a microwave signal [typical distance between the antennas: 40 cm (16 in)].
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Microwave Technology Training System (With LVDAM-MW)
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